Where are Allbirds products made?

We're proud of the responsible approach we take to manufacturing with minimal environmental impact. 

Our proprietary merino fabric used in our Wool and Mizzle collections was crafted in one of the world’s finest textile mills outside of Milan, Italy. It's an incredible factory that produces textiles of unrivaled quality, and the only wool mill in Europe certified by the European Commission for environmental sustainability. After the textile is crafted, it's hand-assembled at our factory in South Korea. 

For our Tree collection, we use a fiber which is crafted by Lenzing, a premier fiber producer based in Austria who received the European Award for the Environment from the EU for their sustainable manufacturing. Our China-based factory where knitting and assembly takes place is WRAP certified, and they pride themselves on being one of the nation's most innovative apparel producers. 

We are also transitioning all of our outsoles to use SweetFoam™. It is the world’s first outsole created with carbon-negative, sugarcane-based material - green EVA. The sugarcane is grown and processed in Brazil, and its byproducts are used to power the mill and fertilize the fields. 

Lastly, for socks, we’ve partnered with a manufacturing team in North Carolina who have been making world-class socks for over 100 years! Their commitment to high standards in working conditions, quality and innovation lines up nicely with our own ways of doing things and we’re excited to be making this new product with them.