Are the shoes waterproof?

Not quite, but our new Mizzle Collection offers a few extra-special features that make them a perfect option when the weather report is less than ideal.

The Mizzles are treated with a fluorine-free, water-repellent coating that helps water bead up and roll off the surface of the shoe, keeping your feet cozy and dry. Also, 'we've added an ultra-thin Bio TPU membrane layered between the wool upper and the interior of the shoe to prevent water seepage. The SweetFoam™ soles on the Mizzle collection have been reinforced with responsibly sourced natural rubber trackpads, for extra grip to navigate through any unexpected rainstorm or snowball fight!

In terms of our classic collections, Merino wool has a natural waxy ingredient called lanolin that creates a water-resistant coating on each fiber. The Wool shoes can definitely sustain a light rain and still keep your feet dry and insulated. Our Tree Collection is made from Tencel, which loves to absorb water. Your Tree shoes can also handle a light drizzle, but for heavy downpours, we would definitely recommend leaving them at home.

Long story short, if you're looking for an all-around rain shoe, we'd go with the Mizzles :)